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Games are the perfect way to tell a story.


Games naturally create spaces for human connection and easily engage players in the most complex narratives. They can be challenging, poignant, meaningful, fun and exhilarating all at once.


My work is driven by story and people. I believe games are the best way to tell stories and can very quickly engage players in intellectually and emotionally challenging narratives. Recent projects have enabled me to work closely with Scientists and Researchers to help turn the story within their science into games playable by different audiences.

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Jake Montanarini - Founder of Montanarini.Games
Jake Montanarini

Hello, I'm Jake and I'm a game designer and producer. With a Master's degree in Game Art and Design and half a decade's worth of experience researching and developing games, I have been successfully running, managing, and delivering projects that explore the benefits of game design as means of communication.

Recent projects include working closely with a private architecture firm, Norwich City Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council, the School of Computer Science at the University of East Anglia, amongst others. 

My position as a Lecturer in game design at Norwich University of the Arts has enabled me to refine project management, production, and communication skills alongside leadership and team management skills in assisting many students in simultaneously developing and delivering projects for their degree. Working at a university also enables me to keep my knowledge of contemporary theoretical and practical trends in the industry topped up and relevant! 

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