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We are Montanarini.Games and we are an independent games design and research team. We deliver Game Design Workshops that use our research and practice to give people the tools connect their work to others. 

Analogue games naturally create spaces for human connection and our work is driven by the relationships we build with each other during these games. 

We see our work as a chance to bridge people together rather than build walls that divide.

Thank you for visiting our website and please do get in touch!

Jake Montanarini

I am a game designer and researcher. I have a Masters degree in Game Art and Design and I am currently undertaking a PhD research study in player engagement with analogue games.

I have a goal of making my passion into my career, but, to make it even more worthwhile, I must share it with others. 

Montanarini.Games is a place where we can share and connect people to good games. It is also a place for us to promote the games we make and the services we provide. Please get in contact if you have any questions.  



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I am an avid games player and eager to play-test as many games as I can. I think analogue games really do help us keep connected in this ever growing digital world.

Together we aim to connect great ideas and stories to audiences through great games. We work on our own projects as well as deliver game design workshops and consultations. 


Montanarini.Games is here to help spread the good word about board games and the work we are doing within the field. 



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